kids on court

Why Sports & Fitness?

Peak performance occurs when we are both physically and mental fit. It is about what we eat, how we train, keeping disciplined, and for our youngest members — showing them that fitness is FUN! At our facility we have worked hard to provide solutions for all levels of performance and across all age groups. Whether you want to be a recreational athlete or you’re ready to take your sport to the next level, IRIS Centers has something to support you in your journey.

Traditional and Nontraditional

Sure, we have Volleyball, Basketball, and Cheer. Through our partnership with Future Stars International we offer competitive club teams and other elite training as well. What about Archery? Yoga? LaCrosse? These are just a few of the other programs that will challenge your body and mind, helping you to become a more well rounded athlete and competitor.

Physical Therapy & Nutrition

Focused recovery from injury, nutrition plans to improve overall well being, and conditioning for athletes are just a few of the services we offer our members. Our partner providers come to IRIS Centers to perform these services so you can train, recover or develop to the next level all in one place. What are you waiting for? Space is limited.

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