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About STEaM

At IRIS Centers, STEM represents a holistic, fun and hands-on approach to exploring and learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It isn’t your typical classroom experience … we are about critical thinking, problem solving, creative and collaborative approaches to the challenges at hand. STEM programs are tactical applications of the connections between the school, workplace, community and the world. We believe that the exploration, imagination and excitement of our courses will encourage our youth to continue pursuing traditional academic coursework through high school and college, and possibly turn these passions into their lifelong careers and vocations. For specific course offerings, please visit our enrollment center as class schedules and space/availability does change.

About The Arts

Music, Dance, Voice, Theatre. The intersection between innovation and creativity. The arts helps our youth to expand their minds, learn leadership skills, presentation skills and develop confidence. At IRIS Centers we offer a variety of options from group music, dance and vocal classes to the ability to audition and perform in our Theatre Troupe. Performing helps young people develop confidence, presentation, and leadership skills.

Richness of Language

To explore other languages, cultures … this is a gift we can give our youth. We offer an opportunity to learn language through conversation and usage rather than rote memorization of vocabulary and grammar. Excitement of the mastery of language breeds interest in the continued learning, and further exploration. Program offerings will be focused on conversational usage for children and adults, and may include languages such as Mandarin, Italian, and French depending on space and availability.

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