Character and compassion are two additional intangibles that are taught with excellence. My son is learning to do the right thing even when no one is watching. I am thankful that they provide the kids in our community the opportunity to learn athletics, discipline, accountability, generosity, compassion, hard work and caring for others, all in one place. They are filling a significant void by setting the bar high for our kids, and I strongly recommend them to every parent I can.

Patrick Y.

The leaders and staff are all on the same page, as far as reinforcing these values and building bridges between and among children and young adults. Sports and extracurricular activities are important societal avenues by which these lessons may be taught, and we have seen that first hand, in the way the organization is run, operationalized, and perhaps most importantly, in how it lives its values.

Dr. Mario M.

In less than 6 months, he has improved tremendously, not only as a player, but as an individual. They have not only instilled an athletic presence, but also a sense of morals, values and respect in all athletes. FSIE truly lives up to its mission by giving their athletes the best possible opportunity to succeed and by holding them to the highest standard of character, accountability, hard work and respect.  

Heather W.

I am continually impressed by the commitment to put the health, personal growth, and well-being of each student athlete at the top of their priority list. What is most impressive is the commitment to forming the whole person, not just creating a great athlete, but a person who can reasonably be looking up to as a star in every respect. They really make our future stars begin to shine. I really cannot begin to say how pleased I am to partner with such an outstanding, virtue-driven organization.

Jack K.

The staff demonstrates excellence in their qualifications and experience to teach their respective sports at a high level. Equally important, they display professionalism, character, and dedication in these endeavors. We noticed a great improvement after a Future Stars camp. Form, focus and follow-through were key aspects the coaches emphasized." Our son benefitted from a sense of accomplishment, a boost in confidence and renewed confidence. The apparent focus of programming is skill development and fundamentals. The intangible development of character traits such as accountability, respect, and perseverance, however, is the underlying principle necessary to the attainment of these goals. It is well known that sports can develop confidence and social skills while teaching the value of goal setting and practice. It is particularly satisfying to see these characteristics developing in you own children. It is an incredible organization and a valuable complement to a high achieving academic curriculum. After all, some of life's best lessons happen when one doesn't think one is learning.

Linda B.

The staff goes beyond just a focus on the sport or athletics, they also strive to develop our kids as leaders and good citizens. Their programs always include a strong message of personal accountability and responsibility, and of good sportsmanship and camraderie. Moreover, their staff back up this message in how they carry themselves with each other, the kids, and the parents, modeling these behaviors at all times.    

Amy K.

We have been very impressed with the noticeable change in his demeanor and his newly discovered sense of value of teamwork. The coaches and volunteers also strive very diligently to install a sense of accountability, discipline and a willingness to participate with a group of others to seek success while playing by the rules. [We] have witnessed firsthand the dedication of the Future Stars staff and their efforts to provide guidance both on and off the court... It is very exciting to see such a worthwhile organization as it makes such positive changes in the lives of our young people."

Shannon S.

When I would pick up [my son] from camp, he was energized, excited and his belief in himself was growing. By the end of the week I could already see growth in my son in not only his basketball skills, but in his character, his self-esteem and that is something that is priceless. He was also learning the power of positive thinking, goal setting, drive and motivation. This meant a lot to me.

Tracy L.

Everyone that is there is committed to the overall betterment of the children. The teamwork that is taught is unlike anything I have witnessed in other organizations. My son has not only improved as a player, but has become more confident in handling the daily pressure of being in school today. In today's society, this is rare to find. I wouldn't want my son participating in any other organization.

Chris F.

My boys have learned the meaning of hard work and discipline. The staff and volunteers in this organization are the best I have seen. They are kind, supportive, patient, and knowledgeable. I have put my children in many programs across the valley, but none can compare to the type of skill and values education offered.

Shareen M

In the 3 years that my son Gabby has been in your basketball program, he has tremendously improved not only in his basketball skills, but as well as his attitude towards sports, academics and in life in general. Because of your program, Gabby developed key virtues that makes hm successful in sport and academics: hard work, resiliency, discipline and accountability.

From Chris Y.